Hurt in a Wreck?


If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, the State of Tennessee allows you only 1 year to bring an action against the other driver.

This time frame is called the statute of limitations and failure to bring an action within that time frame will prevent you from ever recovering if you or your family or loved ones have been injured in a car wreck or motorcycle wreck. Many times, individuals hate the thought of suing someone, or they might simply not know what to do for help in their case. It is very important that you consult with an experienced Knoxville Car Wreck Attorney as soon as possible to explore and evaluate your circumstances. In these types of cases, time is most assuredly NOT on your side.
Evidence from the scene of your car wreck or motorcycle wreck can disappear within a very short time. Weather and traffic have a dire effect on roadway evidence that may be crucial in your case.

While the vast majority of these cases involve automobiles, they are much, much broader in scope. These types of cases also include:

  • Motorcycle Crashes
  • Tractor Trailer
  • Semi Wrecks
  • Pedestrians struck or run over by a motor vehicle
  • All other types of vehicles that may travel on the roadways (including parking lots frequented by the public) in Tennessee

Kelly has special knowledge about these types of cases that few, if any, other Knoxville Car Wreck Attorneys possess:

  • Hundreds of hours of serious and fatal car wreck investigation training
  • At-Scene Traffic Crash investigations
  • Advanced Traffic Crash Investigations
  • Railroad vs. Vehicle/Pedestrian Investigations

Kelly performed duties as an Accident Re-constructionist while a law enforcement officer prior to becoming an attorney.

This is a highly specialized field that few, if any, attorneys possess. In fact, many other car wreck attorneys pay for an Accident Re-constructionist to assist them in their client’s case….and the client typically ends up paying the bill to the tune of thousands of dollars.
Kelly Tanner is a Knoxville Car Wreck Attorney who gives each of his clients his personal attention and doesn’t farm out the skilled analysis needed in personal injury claims – he does it himself and does not force his clients to foot the bill for experts that other attorneys have to hire.
Call to schedule your consultation to see if you may recover for your injuries.
Car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents take place with shocking regularity in Knoxville and surrounding counties. As a victim of injury in a car wreck or motorcycle wreck, you may be able to secure compensation from the other driver’s insurance provider. Don’t fall into the trap of:

Trying to navigate the confusing and difficult process of dealing with your wreck alone
Accepting any payment or settlement – it may end your case.
Thinking your case is too minor to bother with – if you were injured, someone is likely responsible.
Thinking that because the other driver had no insurance, you’re out of luck – many times, YOUR insurance will compensate you under your own uninsured / under-insured policy.
Kelly Tanner handles your car wreck, motorcycle wreck or tractor trailer wreck cases on a contingency basis, meaning that if he doesn’t win for you, he doesn’t charge you a penny. There are no upfront fees or any other charges to pay at the time of hiring him. Sometimes the scales of justice seem stacked against an injury victim of one of these types of crashes. Call Knoxville Car Wreck Attorney Kelly Tanner and tip the scales in your favor: let him begin the process of recovering compensation for you or your loved ones who have been injured in a car wreck or motorcycle wreck.