Commercial Driver’s License

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Knoxville CDL / Commercial Driver’s License Attorney

Your CDL / Commercial Driver’s License Is Your Livelihood
Receiving a citation or ticket for a traffic offense is aggravating enough for anyone but that same citation or ticket carries other, more serious consequences for those who have a CDL or Commercial Driver’s License. Here are just a few of the problems traffic offenses cause for CDL holders:

  • Increased insurance costs.
  • Loss of job: some companies will fire you if you receive even one citation, let alone several. Driver’s without a “clean” driving history affect the company’s mass insurance policy thus hurting their bottom line profits
  • Even being given a citation while operating your personal car or pick-up truck will be the same as if you were operating the commercial vehicle you operate for work – the State of Tennessee makes no distinction and those offenses will impact your Commercial Driver’s License in the same way.

Handling CDL / Commercial Driver’s License offenses are difficult due to both Federal and State masking laws. This makes it especially important to have an attorney on your side who is experienced in handling these difficult cases.
Tip the Scales in your favor and contact Kelly Tanner for defense of your CDL / Commercial Driver’s License – your livelihood depends on it!